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Mountain House freeze dried meals! A very simple way to have a high quality hot meal out on the boat, while hiking, camping or fishing! This product is perfect for any outdoors enthusiast who enjoys a hot meal without the prep time and mess! Light weight and minimal garbage to pack out!

Check out the Leader Feeder! This is a must have for anyone using a pre tied leader in their style of fishing! Ideal for Steelhead & Salmon leaders also used for Catfish leaders, Red Snapper leaders in the gulf and so much more! Order yours today at             www.bend-able.com

Rhino Hitch,. These hitches are a must have for anyone who pulls, boats, RV's or any kind of recreational trailer on a regular bases! especially if you own multiple trailers! Very convenient and easy to use, these hitches are a huge time saver and easily allows you to get the best performance and ideal height out of any trailer!

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The highest quality saltwater reels on the planet! at a fraction of competitors cost! Aircraft grade aluminum bodies, dual carbon fiber lever drag systems! These reels will not let you down when it counts!!

Wiggle fin action discs! put a little wiggle action in any bait or soft plastic and watch the fishing frenzy begin! This product will help entice a bite even on slow days! A must have in any bass or trout angler arsenal! Works on many other species as well!


• Bio-based, environmentally friendly product (No Petroleum)
• 100% Hydrophobic, will never mix with water
• Corrosion resistant to both salt and fresh water 
• Heat resistant, will not melt or run from gears in the hot mid-day sun
• Smooths out drag and improves consistency 
• Stays where applied without sling to unwanted parts of your reel
• Long lasting grease will keep reel in top condition between scheduled maintenance
• Easy clean up, no harsh chemicals required
• Operates in cold weather without loss of properties to below 0°F

[Made In USA]

Give Bryan Sweezey a call for all your Reel repair and maintenance needs! Used and highly recommended by the Lunker Junkies TV team! Ship him your reels and he will clean, repair and ship back to you in pristine condition!  (541)868-6856

Hands down the best braided fishing line on the planet! With its unique round profile it does not bind up in itself and casts smooth and long every time! 100% made in the USA! The official line of the Lunker Junkies TV team!